UUASC Bitcoin Talk

This Thursday Marc Bevand (Bitcoin miner and GPGPU expert), Stephen Gornick (author of bitcoinminer.com), and myself be speaking on Bitcoins as part of a panel at the UNIX Users Association of Southern California. It should be interesting, especially after the recent events in Bitcoin security due to the events at MtGox.

For more information visit: http://bolthole.com/uuala/

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  1. I’m not saying that bintoics are not useful for storing value. They’re just not very much so at the moment, due to the high volatility. Sellers seem to accept the risk of volatility because of the benefits they’re getting. Also, unless the whole system crashes (can’t really rule that one out), there will be a deflation in the long run, making short-term volatility irrelevant for value storage.Finally, liquidity at Mt.Gox is high enough that for small to medium amounts of money, clearing is immediate. The trade volume das exceeded a million USD per day there.

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