Google ISS Prank

As April fool’s day aproaches, I noticed an odd item in my Google Analytics page. After visiting their realtime stats, it appears I have 41 active visitors to my website from the International Space Station.

ISS on Google Analytics

Hive CSV SerDe

In the past I’ve used a hive CSV SerDe originally from bizo but one complaint that often arose is some operations failed due to type errors.  The original SerDe produces strings objects for operations. This leads to odd issues with various hive operations. Due to this, I updated the hive SerDe to support integer types as well. The fork is on github at dmaust/csv-serde.

UUASC Bitcoin Talk

This Thursday Marc Bevand (Bitcoin miner and GPGPU expert), Stephen Gornick (author of, and myself be speaking on Bitcoins as part of a panel at the UNIX Users Association of Southern California. It should be interesting, especially after the recent events in Bitcoin security due to the events at MtGox.

For more information visit:

My new blog

Welcome to my blog.  It has been newly created. I decided to try out WordPress on Quercus.  Quercus is a PHP implementation done in Java. It appears to be very fast, but as WordPress isn’t targeting Quercus, I’m expecting to find some quirks.